Gender Fluid

Not feeling fixed or bound to any one gender but rather flowing naturally between genders. To not be exclusively male or female, but rather to be both combined or one at one time and another at another time, an evolving mix.

To not identify with a fixed gender, yet to define Gender Fluid can be tricky. It is unique to each individual who identifies as being Gender Fluid, and can shift and change depending on context.

The Nose has no gender!

It is the mission of fluid fragrances to bring awareness and acceptance of gender fluid individuals and other’s living outside the societal norms. However you identify, gender-fluid, gender-specific, male, female, gay, straight or any other number of gender or sexual identifications in between, inside or outside the box, you are all beautiful and accepted.

Fluid fragrances are fluid, a flowing combination of notes in multiple layers and dimensions, for everyone.

We are strong in our belief, that we are all

free to be